Frequently Asked Questions


Questions You Want To Know

Will you post on my Instagram account?

No, I will be providing personalized consultation and a strategy report tailored to your Instagram account.

Do I need to have an Instagram account to start ?

Nope, however, if you do not have an Instagram already, you may need to provide more information about your company including brand, products, industry, competitors, and website information.

Why do hashtags matter?

Hashtags are crucial to the growth of your Instagram because it allows your posts to get exposure organically. Using the correct hashtags combined with great content can help you go viral. That is why I will also analyze your account to give personalized tips on how you can best use the hashtags.

How do you look for Instagram hashtags?

I will do a deep dive into your industry and through your potential customers, industry players, stakeholders and competitors find the most relevant hashtags for your Instag account. Furthermore, I will also explain to you how to best utilize these hashtags to drive growth.

How will I do it? / When does the order start?

We target the FOLLOWERS of the account you provided.. This method is effective as you can compare it to door knocking but in Instagram world 🙂 E.g. followers of justinbeiber or any accounts you provide. Order begins within 2-30hours from time of purchase.

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